Rain or Shine, Gapers Unite! – Official Gaper Day 2013 Round Up


People are eating bacon off a stranger's ice-axe, heckling tourists with megaphones, chanting anti-download protest slogans, and Gaper Day 2013 hasn't even started yet. Then some shouts something about "Get your skis on and head for the stairs" (OK it was me shouting that). Too antsy to wait for the stairs, Jimmy McRadness buckles in and acid drops off the Merlin's retaining wall onto the cool, hard concrete below. Then avoiding the stairs completely, he traverses to the overpass, airs to the grass-grind, then another concrete acid drop before claiming his line.

Hundreds of gapers cheer, but others are too distracted watching Sheldon Steckman dropping into the infamous staircase line… backwards.

Or maybe they're watching the poor skier going head first into the brick path while a snowboarder tail grinds right over him.

10 minutes into Gaper Day 2013, it was clear that this was going to be a special day. As in 'special olympics' kind of special.

The fun doesn't stop there. Easily the biggest hoard of Gapers we've ever seen (in 17 years of gaping) mosh their way to the Wizard Express, and head up the mountain, armed for battle. And battle they shall, each fighting their own unique goals and challenges through the day.

Some Gapers just come to feel included. After 7 months of hiding in baggy 'cool-guy' ski clothes, they can finally let their true colours shine.

Others are on R&D missions, testing out speed suits and the effectiveness of cross-dressing swimsuits in a snow enviorment.

Most just come to give their skis and boards a thorough manual base grind before hanging up their planks for the season.

And some are dedicated to pioneering first summer descents.

Come 5 oclock, there's no arguing Gaper Day 2013 is the stuff of dreams and legends for all in attendance. Huge crowds, monumental nonsense, grass and dirt everywhere, and even some light precip to lube the grass. True to Gaper Day's moddo, several dozen skiers (and one snowboarder) chant 'Death Before Download" before dropping in on over a thousand feet of dirt, grass, and creeks – destination Merlins.

Huge shouts out to Merlin's Bar & Grill for unofficially putting up with the Gaper Day nonsense and letting us through their doors for the sillyest apres of the year. whips out a pair of next year's G3 Empire 115 skis with custom Doglotion graphics. After a fierce battle of pushups, jumping jacks, and chugging from a boot, Mark The Red prevails as the lucky winner of some new planks. And he'll need them, 'cause the ski-out on 1500 ft of dirt and rocks is likely more of a base grind than he needs.

Until next time Gapers!

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