NEW Salomon AT Binding Video Intro – Meet the Guardian


The gang at Salomon just did a pretty cool live Youtube video launch of their new alpine touring bindings – the Salomon Guardian. Hosted by Cody Townsend and Tony Lamische, the video intros the binding with some good ski porn then gets into answering people's questions about the binding.

My first impressions after seeing the video? HALLELUJAH!! 'Bout time!

If this binding peroforms like they say it does, slackcountry shredders could be in for some good times ahead. Hopefully gone are the days of having go decide which of your skis get AT bindings and which get the all-about-performance alpine bindings. If these perform enough like alpine bindings, why wouldn't you just use them exclusively?

We'll keep tech boots/bindings out of this post, as that's a whole other animal. Lots of slackcountry shredders still don't like looking at two tiny pins holding their skis in, and almost none of them like the performance of touring boots. That is changing every season, but for now we're still considering this a different category.

Key Features

Some key features I saw them point out in the video were:

  • 26mm stack height, full cm lower than competitor (assuming they're talking about Dukes and or Fritschis here). This is probably the most important feature for me, that could make or break the attempt to have the binding feel and ski like a normal alpine binding – nice and close to the ski.
  • Wide platform (80mm)
  • Adjustable toe height for different boots
  • Clicking from tour to ski looks so damn easy!!! This is another key feature, as Marker Dukes are super hard to get back into ski mode on sloppy powder days. Hopefully gone are the days of having to kick bindings back into ski mode.
  • 7-16 DIN
  • 4 screws front, 6 screws rear for reinforced attachment to ski
  • Strong metal on metal pivot point

Unfortunatley it doesn't look any lighter than the Duke (2.9kg per pair), but comes with the territory of a beefy, high performance alpine style AT binding.

All in all, the gang at are REALLY EAGER to get our hands on a pair of these bad boys, and put them to the real test. Stay tuned for the real life impressions later this winter.


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