New Companion Rescue Techniques Courtesy of the Phoenix Foundation


Thanks to the hard working employees of the Phoenix Foundation, new developments in companion rescue are here. The Phoenix Foundation is a non-profit think-tank and government contractor, committed to furthering new technologies within the United States.

Their focus has traditionally been around computer applications and biosciences, however not long ago, when on a ski trip, one of their field agents was caught in a Class 3 avalanche without a transceiver or airbag and buried under five feet of snow. Though cold, scared, and with a surprisingly large air pocket, he used his highly trained skills to help mount his own rescue from beneath nearly two meters of condensed spring snow. What happened next was a combination of luck, timing and ingenuity that for our benefit was captured on camera. Though a near tragic event, the experience has led to new developments in probing techniques and companion rescue.

Watch the video yourself and see visual proof at how an avalanche can occur in the most unexpected terrain – through moguls, tight Aspen trees, and even groomers. Please keep in mind this video is no substitue for real training. Go out and take a course and practice these techniques. The life they save may very well be your own.


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