Naked Pond Skim, Babes & Horsemen – Gaper Day 2011 Video & Story

A stolen computer and water soaked cameras couldn'tn stop the story of Gaper Day 2011 from being told. Out of the ashes, we've recovered footage from several cameras and spliced together two videos two help retrace our blurry steps from what's always the best ski day of the year – Gaper Day in Whistler.

If photos are worth a thousand words, then 2 videos mean I can stop typing right now. Grab a pilsner and enjoy the show. And if you don't like man-ass, close your eyes at the end of the second video. 😉

And dare we forget the pond skim, easily the Gaper Day highlight for the last couple seasons. There was literally hundreds of people there this year, given'er with everything they had. Including this naked snowboarder…


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