Macbeth – 'That Other Line' on the Spearhead


You know those ski lines that should definitely be on your hit list, but for some reason, year after year, you kinda just forget about them? The Curtain Glacier on Macbeth was one such line for a bunch of us. Not steep enough to really get your attention, and too far away to bother going to. But earlier this week, sitting at the base of the mountain trying to think of a big line on the Spearhead Traverse that we hadn't skied, the Curtain Glacier hit us like a tonne of bricks. It was the only line we could think of that none of the 5 skiers had done yet. So off we went…

(lead image Jordan Manley iPhone)

Despite a hodge-podge crew of last minute entries, borrowed girls' skis, and a 5 minute old plan, we made the most of it, and walked away with a dreamy bluebird day of backcountry revelry. The snow was great but shallow enough to make travel fast and cruisey, and we'd all forgotten just how much skiing we were going to get… way more ups and downs than we had guessed. Up from Blackcomb, down to Decker Lake, up, down, up, down, and up, down it went.

In contrast to the steep contrived lines we often set out for, Macbeth was a ski touring dream. Thousands upon thousands of feet of creamy fun skiing, followed by a steep skin, and even more heli turnin' good times all the way to Fissile.

One final skin up to cowboy ridge topped off the grunt work, and a long, dark, and icey Signing Pass trail sucked any energy we'd forgotten to use up.

I guess most ski tourers already knew about gems like this… it's a pretty damn obvious line after all. I guess my point is aimed at you bro-bra freeskiers out there (us included). Don't get tunnel vision when you're staring at a range trying to find the most gnar-bar line that conditions allow for. Open your eyes and you might find some pretty legendary stuff waiting for you.


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