Leah Evans – It’s Business Time

Leah Evans has got things figured out. She is one of the best female skiers in the biz, lives in a cute little house in Revelstoke where rent is cheap(-er than whistler) and the pow is deep, and is the owner of one rad little company called Girls Do Ski.

Leah started Girls Do Ski seven years ago as an effort to get women together to push their skiing without the weight of an obnoxious and pushy male around (no offense guys). Girls Do Ski operates two different women’s freeride camps – the predominant one being Girls’ Day Out – where women can learn anything from how to ski powder to how to drop a cliff; and then a camp called 20 under 20, which is a free free-ski camp offered to 20 skier girls under 20 years old.

I have been coaching for Leah’s camps for the past 3 years and am always impressed at the energy she puts into these camps to give these skiers the best experience possible. A while back, over some sake margaritas, Leah implied that she had made some big plans for Girl’s Day Out this winter. Sushi Village took that conversation in another direction so I decided to follow up with a phone call to get the dirt.

Photo by Nic Alegre. All Rights Reserved.

Leah’s Stats

Titles: Professional Skier and Director of Girls Do Ski

Age: 25 Home Mountain: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Favorite Breakfast Food: I had eggs benedict today, it was the bomb. So that.

Sponsors: Salomon, The North Face, Smith Optics, Revelstoke Mtn Resort, and Vega.

The Interview

J: Leah! Nice to hear your voice. Where have you been all summer, getting down to business?
L: Yeah, I had a bit of an injury (tree planting is hard on the bod) so that gave me some time to think about bringing Girls’ Day Out into a bigger scale. I got some funding from the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce, so I took a few business courses and came up with a new master plan! Then I had enough of that so I went to South America to coach a girls’ camp with Ingrid Backstrom.

J: Well let’s get right to it.. what’s in this Master Plan!?
L: There have been a few holes in the backcountry market for women’s camps – so I’ve dedicated a lot of time so we can open up backcountry camps this year for Girls’ Day Out. We are going to offer Heli-skiing, Cat-skiing and ski-touring camps this winter!

J: That is one masterful master plan! So you’re expanding the company?
L: Yeah! Every camp I’ve operated has a waiting list of at least 40 people, so the demand is definitely there. I just want to make the female ski community more connected – so why not expand it?

J: Is bigger better?
L: Depends how tall you are, I guess.

J: I guess. Is there anything you’re planning for your own ski career for the winter, besides skiing with girls?
L: Yes, there is! I’d like to move into a role where I can just oversee Girls Do Ski so I can keep on skiing with Salomon Freeski TV. I’d like to put down a really good part for a movie, and yeah I just want to keep exploring and go somewhere I’ve never been where I can’t pronounce the name of the place.

Photo by Grant Gunderson. All Rights Reserved.

J: Tell me more about South America. That must have been dreamy, skiing around with Ingrid?
L: Oh man ya, to ski with your idol is a pretty crazy experience. She asked me to give her feedback and I was like, “How am I supposed to do that!?” But ya, that was an Ingrid Backstrom camp, not GDO, and it was awesome.

J: Haha, yeah.. hope you told her to get on that downhill ski! A couple more important questions and then I’ll let you get back to business.

What’s your favorite Revy dancefloor to hit?
L: Oooh well, I like to boogy, so… The Traverse? It’s good if it’s your last option.. and you want to get down to the techno music.

J: Sounds great let’s put that on the Girls Day Out Schedule. If girls do ski.. then what do boys do?
L: Skiers.

J: Hah! You’re quick. Thanks Leah!
L: Thank you! I’m stoked!

So LADIES, listen up. Girl’s Day Out camp dates will be announced November 1st and registration opens up November 8th. Camps usually sell out faster than a Justin Beiber concert so get on it.

Leah wants to ski with you! For more info on Girls Day Out camps and registration head to or like ‘Girls Do Ski’ on Facebook. Follow Leah’s adventures on instagram @EVANS_LEAH.

Leah pep talking the coaching crew and skiers at a camp in Revelstoke


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