Kashmir Dreamin' – Heli's, Parties, and Lascelles' Eye Candy


Seeing stuff like Salomong's most recent Freeski TV episode on heliskiing in Gulmarg, Kashmir is drool-inducing to say the least. They did an amazing job of showing off Gulmarg's potential, sharing the unique ski culture, and encouraging the world to acknowledge that the region is ready for tourism again. 

We heard that message time and time again when Doglotion visited Gulmarg in 2010. The only thing we didn't have was that mind-blowing pow they scored during this video shoot. OK, we scored a huge dump at the end of the trip, but the avalanche conditions were so severe that you couldn't do much with it. Add that to Jordan's stomach bug and a few other rocky moments, and we left Gulmarg with mixed emotions, and perhaps not the warmest "I want to go back" mentality.

Seeing videos like this reminds me just how huge the area's potential really is, and reminds me about the parts we DID like about it. What do you know, now I really DO want to go back.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess this Salomon video was filmed by Will Lascelles, B4Apres videographer/photographer who was there in 2010 and hasn't left! Well, at least he's spent a good chunk of time there each year. We're not sure if its the powder, the culture, or the Russian girls that keep him going back, but either way we're glad he's there to whip up beauties like this, and all the other behind the scenes action he's been sharing on the net.

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