Help Get This Gear Off the Ground

Looks like the creative minds at MFD are at it again. Their first product, the MFD Alltime binding adapter plates solved a dilemna for plenty of balls-to-the-walls freeskiers who wanted to access the backcountry  without sacrificing downhill security and performance. There's no shortage of competition out there now with new AT bindings dropping left, right and center, which is perhaps why MFD set their sights on some new gear to stoke the ski community with.

Fresh out of their secret labs, the MFD Freetour Backpacks and Collapsible Water Bottles just landed in a Kickstarter campaign, and these guys need your help to make this new gear a reality.

We haven't tested any of the gear yet, but upon browsing the site, things are lookin' pretty sweet. For one, I can finally stop carrying my toddler's Sponge Bob collapsible water bladder around with me in the backcountry. These MFD Hydrapak bottles should do the trick, without having to steal from a baby. I mean really, why are almost all collapsible water bottles for kids? Anywho…

Then there's the Freetour Backpacks, which are tough to comment on without testing, but from the descriptions and photos they're lookin' pretty sweet. Well worth seeing them become a reality. I mean hey, they're made of recycled plastic bottles! How could you go wrong?

So in short, a shout out from one small independant brand to another, with hopes of seeing them get up and running with this new gear. Check out the MFD Kickstarter campaign and see if it tickles your fancy.


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