Goodbye Summer. Hello Snowpocalypse.


Um, "well that escalated quickly". Here we in Sea to Sky region, chillin' in shorts and cotton hoodies, thinking about how sweet and sunny this summer had been. We were even treated to record hot temperatures in September, and record no-rain streaks in July & August.

Well if the meteoroligists aren't high on meth and these forecasts actually come true, the Pacific North West is about to get a can of early-winter whoop-ass opened up on us.

100cm for Whistler

Whistler has up to a meter (3.3ft) in the high alpine forecast, but we all know that could (and will) fall as rain. But either way, I'm waxing my snowblades just in case. Seriously.

12ft for Mt Baker?

Then there's Mt Baker (the volcano, not the resort). The NOAA forecast is literally calling for up to 12 feet of snow between now and Monday! WTF?!

Traffic Delays Falling From The Sky

Meanwhile, the storm headed for the Seattle area is so gnarly that the Accuweather article claims it has the magic power to deliver 'travel delays'.  Yep, that's right a storm that actually dishes out traffic delays. "As the storm expands southward and eastward, it will spread heavy rain, flooding, travel delays, high winds, pounding surf and rough seas first to British Columbia, then to Washington and Oregon and finally to northernmost California."

And This

And last but certainly not least, this storm is so big it has warranted another amazingly dramatic storm warning video by the now infamous internet sensation Frankie MacDonald of Nova Scotia. You've been warned…


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