Gettin' Embedded on Whistler Opening Day


Mike D was having too much fun up there on Whistler Peak all by himself, so lucky for us, the resort cracked a week early for all to enjoy. By all accounts it was as good an opening day you can ask for – for mid Nov anyways. Great pow in the morning, and solid leg burning ditch jumping in the afternoon. The base is decent and with almost 2 meters in the forecast next week, we should be in business in no time!

We even ran into the infamous Mike Douglas himself, taking a breather from his time up on the peak, enjoying some real food down at the Roundhouse, and soaking in the vibe of thousands of stoked shredders passing through – probably a relieving sight after a week in a patrol shack by yourself. But he's still embedded up there with no trip to the valley until atleast tomorrow. Afterall, this stormy weather is going to finally crack and we can see what this resort we call home really looks like.

Bring on the storm, and here's to another epic winter season! See you all up there.


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