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It's finally summer next week, so why not celebrate by reminiscing about the coldest week of the year! If you're going to spend three weeks camping and skiing in Canada's arctic, you might as well do it in style. Or atleast in warmth. Looking at the forecasted temps of -39C with wind-chill for our trip to Baffin Island, I knew it was time to bust out my Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Parka & Absolute Zero Pants. It was a good call indeed, making the other boys jealous every day of the trip. 

What can I say about this suit… it's warm! No complaints in that regard. It's also waterproof, so it's a real storm-ready expedition suit, not just a warm layer to throw-on when you reach a cold peak. Pretty much a life-saver on our recent Baffin Island ski epic. Note that I say '700' fill down in the video, but it's actually 800 of course. Brain was working a bit slowly in those cold temps. What can I say, I'm from the mild West Coast.

The pros:

  • super warm and waterproof, packed with 800 fill down and finished with AXF Super DWR for superior waterproofing
  • big interior jacket pockets for hot water bottles, goggles, etc
  • easy one-handed draw-cord adjustment
  • expedition-ready
  • great reinforcement areas on the pants
  • full leg/bum zip in the pants for when nature calls in arctic temperatures

The cons:

  • It's massive. I rarely pack it for day trips on the coast, because it takes up so much room in my pack. It's better suited as an expedition suit, not as a casual extra layer to keep you warm on a peak.
  • It makes you look like a super fat & juicy seal, which could look appealing to hungry polar bear on Baffin Island. Keep your head up.
  • Lots of gorbies on Mt Denali have the same suit, so prepare to blend in.

Overall it was an amazing suit to have on our trip to Baffin Island, and I really can't imagine doing a similar trip without it. Every morning I'd get out of my -20 bag, slip into my Absolute Zero pants & jacket and be ready to rock in no time, with or without many other layers.

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