Gaper Day vs. Surrey Weekend


OK people, Gaper Day 2013 is upon us; hitting the slopes of Blackcomb this Monday May 27th. Let's make it one to remember, and by remember, we mean staying sober enough to remember anything.

Here's the thing… Gaper Day has always been about keepin' it real, silly goating and celebrating the progression of regression. The tricky part about progressing regression is you don't know which way to go. To the future? Retro style? Gnarlier stunts than mankind has ever seen? Or pizzas and french fries all day on snowblades? 

Somewhere along the path of regression, some Gapers got lost and started thinking Gaper Day is about getting as hammer-smashed drunk as possible while skiing. Just watch the 10 years of Gaper compliation video. It starts out with big airs and high-speed grass straight-lines, but ends with beers flying high.

Sure, drinking while skiing is as gaper as it gets, if you still have your $%&t together and can safely come out of a 500ft switch dirt straightline or pond skim 360. But if you're chucking beer cans into the bushes or getting scraped up by patrol and don't know how many fingers they're holding up… that's a different story all together.

Apparently there's been so much of the latter in recent winters, that the May long-weekend police task force, aka the 'Surry weekend' enforcement, is actually planning on sticking around for Gaper Day this year. Yep, it's true. Gaper Day is being spoken of in the same sentence of Surrey Weekend.  Gapers, we can't let this happen!
(OK we're embellishing here. It doesn't have anything to do with the May long weekend crowd, but rather, skier safety. But you get the point. What we're trying to say is don't stoop that low, and ya, there will be some extra eyes out this weekend making sure everyone plays safe.)

So this coming Monday, be prepared for epic tree swinging, grass skiing, slush slashing, pond bashing, and extreme sillygoating… but also be prepared for Five-O checking your bags and pants for alchohol, and commando snipers looking for punks in drublic.

Easiest solution? Bring your Gaper A game, be rad but respectful on the hill, then decompress in style at Merlins for the last apres of the year. 

Gapers Unite! Society will never understand Gaper Day, but we can atleast show them we're better than the May long weekend crowd, and that we know how to ski.


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