G3 Skigraphiks Contest – Get Your Designs In


Our friends at G3 Genuine Guide Gear are back at it again this fall with their Skigraphiks Contest. They're inviting any and all creative amatuers or pro designers to have a go at designing a custom topsheet for 4 for their skis. There's 4 rounds from September through December, each month with a new ski and new industry partner. Each month the best design will be selected, and that designer will win a pair of G3 skis with their own graphic on it. Not only that, but G3 is actually going to produce a limited run of your skis, availalble  through their retail partners later this season.

Kicking the contest off for September, G3's new Highball sk is up for grabs, in patnership with

Just for $h*ts & giggles we put in our own entry named SillyGoat, though I think Photoshop-Mega-Hack would be more appropriate! We can't win the contest anyway, but we can certainly put it out there for y'all to enter the contest and hopefully win somethin'.

Make us proud, fearless creative peoples, it can't be hard to do better than our entry!


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