Faceshots in a Frickin Train! Snowing Everywhere


Hot damn! Just when you thought it was June and your ski season was over, it's STILL SNOWING all over the place… on BOTH hemispheres at the same time.

First off, New Zealand got hammered hard. Here's a pic and snow report from the Unofficial crew of 125cm in 24 hrs, and better yet, a full sized train gettin' frickin faceshots!! Like barrelled. Super cool.

Meanwhile back in North America where it should be warm and sunny, we've got photos popping up all over the place of fresh June pow.

Tahoe got a dusting, which you could joke is more than they got in the first part of the season (ok that's a stretch.

And early bird keener scored 40cm of FRESH POW at Whitewater, Nelson, BC. WTF?

Other BC and WA resorts had the same fortune, and I'm sure keen backcountry skiers across the region scored a peice of the action.

Ah June eh? What a winter indeed. Ten bucks says the snow in the PNW doesn't entirely melt before next winter. Mini ice-age 2 years in a row!


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