DEEP Week in Whistler


For anyone in Whistler, this has been a week to remember! Like the kind you tell your grand kids about. Speaking of kids, the quote of the week, said by a little ripper under the Glacier Express… "Mommy, I just ate snow and I didn't even have to use my hands!". He nailed it with that remark, summing up one hell of a DEEP week.

Last we checked there was 211cm in the last week, but more before that, so who really knows what the total has been lately. One thing we know for sure, Whistler Blackcomb just surpassed their average annual snowfall, and there's still over 3 months left in the season. Booyaaaa!

We were most too busy skiing balls deep pow to film or photograph anything, but here's a quick compilation, and we'll keep an eye out for other flicks from this legendary week.


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