DEEP Opening Day for Blackcomb – Good Season Ahead


If Whistler's opening day was a home-made apple pie, opening day Blackcomb was a kitchen stacked from wall to wall with chocolate fudge sundaes…cherries, icing, the works. Lots of icing for that matter. Do you put icing on sundaes? You do on opening day.

Everyone knows Blackcomb is the better of the two mountains, so much that even Whistler Mountain itself has to do a propaganda smear campaign to get people over there. For real! We spotted this peculiar new sign while uploading on Blackcomb. "Oh, Whistler's over there? Great, I was wondering about that!"

Hopefully the little blue sign keeps everyone on Whistler, so we can keep shredding the balls deep snow that buried Blackcomb just before it's opening day. What a week leading up to Opening Day. 72cm, 17cm, 20cm, lost count, snowing hard, opening day, another 10cm, and now 100-150cm more in the forecast for the alpine!

Sweet jesus. Not sure what we did to deserve another start to the season like this, but we'll take it. Word on the street is that Whistler Blackcomb currently has more open skiable terrain than anywhere else in the world! I'll take that any day.

Cheers to another epic start to winter life on Blackcomb Mountain. I mean umm, cough, Dual Mountain. That's where all the snow is. Head straight for Dual Mountain, then point it.


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