The Dave Treadway Interview


This is the interview of Dave Treadway – the man, the myth and the legend. His home base is the small town of Pemberton B.C. Dave is one of 3 plaid loving brothers. He loves backflips and he's doing amazing things for the community of Pemberton with his wife Tessa and dog Stella. This is a short but sweet interview with Dave in my small townhouse only a 3 minute drive away. Enjoy!

LC: So let’s get this interview started… Tell me about yourself. Where did you originate?

DT: Well to be blunt, I came from a place called Kenora Ontario. The ski hill was called mount Evergreen, it had 2 tee bars and a vertical rise of 75 meters. Nothing to special…

LC: Tell me about Snow-Life, the program you do with kids on Whistler Blackcomb.

DT: Well, my wife Tessa and I started doing the program Young-Life in Pemberton. Then we adapted a part of it to snow-life so we could get more kids up there stoked on skiing and less on the bad stuff.

LC: Everybody knows you as a big mountain skier, what is a peak you would like to ski in the future?

DT: Mhmmm… There’s one called Mt Howard beside Joffrey, my buddy Sam and I skied it last year and it was super fun. I just really want to film it this time.

LC: What about one you haven’t skied?

DT: If I told you I would have to kill you!

LC: Fair enough. What about your favourite peak you’ve ever skied?

DT: It was definitely this line in Hyder Alaska. I looked at it for probably 5-6 days. It was a 3000ft vertical spine that emptied out into a amazing couloir, it was one of my favourite times on skis for sure.

LC: If you were stuck on a deserted island and you only had one breed of dog to eat what would it be?

DT: Hot…haha

LC: Sled or Tour?

DT: Sled!

LC: Whistler or Blackcomb?

DT: Whistler

LC: Golden doodle or Liger?

DT: Doodle or die!

LC: Tell us about Cold Rush.

DT: Well its rad skiing and if you win the thing you get paid to go heli-skiing all day. It’s pretty sick.

LC: Who’s in your crew? Who do you ski with?

DT: Pemberton Big Mountain Hunting Club.

LC: Weird, lots of people see you cruising by yourself, do you enjoy solo missions? Do you think you’re better than everyone else?

DT: ……………….SHUT THE @$&# UP!
(*Ed Note: OK, maybe Dave didn’t really say that, but it woulda been appropriate don’t you think?)

LC: Uh-huh….

DT: Ya there’s just something carefree about skiing by yourself in the mountains that I enjoy. I'm not good at having friend’s hahaha

LC: Who would you like to thank out there? By the way thanks for coming over and doing this interview.

DT: No problem man anytime. I would just like to thank Jesus, my wife Tessa, Stella and my sponsors Peak Performance, Giro, Evoc, Rossignol, Swany, Eternal Riders and Cheetah Factory Racing.


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