Bye Bye Spring, Long Live Winter. Chamonix Diaries Part 6


Just when people were getting comfortable with the early summer weather in Chamonix – sun tanning, rock climbing, biking, and lounging – winter came back with a vengeance. The skies opened up a can of whoop-ass on the Chamonix valley and much of the Northern Alps, leaving 30-40cm's of fresh snow every couple days, and 80-100cm's up top.

In true Chamonix style, the clouds were nice enough to part on alternating days, just for long enough to bang a couple of 'best-run-of-your-life' laps off the Aiguille du Midi or Grand Montets.  Hell, even when the clouds didn't part, skiing lower Lognan laps on Grand Montets was better on April 24 than it was in early March!

April 2012 in Chamonix was indeed one of those months that rewards the loyal shredders who stick it out for the whole season, while taunting anyone who headed home or swapped their snow tires too early.

Now into the last few days of April, spring if finally making a comeback with warm Foehn winds and more rockclimbers in the streets than skiers. You can melt the snow, but you can't take away the memories. And if for some reason you've already forgotten, or were skiing drunk the whole time, here's a wee reminder from a couple laps on the Aiguille du Midi…

Now what will May have in store for those who wait?

Big thanks to Andreas Hasselback from ParkingLot4 Productions for sharing his footage, and big ups to the accomplices who'll probably turn up in Episode 6… Dave, Liz, James, Ally, Tom, Stefan, Silvie, Blaine & Peter.


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