Liberty Skis in Bulgaria: Ben's Disposable Camera Essay


Liberty Skis sent Joe Schuster and me, along with Tom Winter went on a whimsical powder journey through Bulgaria on assignment for SBC Skier. Dutifully, as Senior Correspondant for DogLotion, I brought along a trusty disposable camera to capture some of the peripherals for this installment. Hope you enjoy.


Sofia. Day 1. Jazz band in the park.

Sofia. Tram line and architecture.

Day 2. Bansko's Todourka peak. 2 hour drive from Sofia and 45 minute scramble from the top lift to the summit. This shows the aspect of some really big waves out there.

Day 3. Skiing between the Macedonian pines, the Balkan's proudest foliage. Great for skiers because the trees themselves need so much space between one another to flourish. Lots of slough management in here. Best tree skiing in Europe. 

Apres smoke shack with horsemeat sausages that were smothered in lemon juice and litre upon litre of the Pirinis best brew.

Day 4. Sleepy Schuster wide awake and ripping.

Day 5. Our communist era hunter's lodgings yet another 2 hours away from Bansko in 7 Rila Lakes. This place was great to visit, but wouldn't want to spend more than a few nights here. An experience to say the least. Sleepy Schuster posing.

Outside the front door of the hunting lodgings. Little did I know, the sign behind me said 'watch out, the roof avalanches so don't stand here.' On our way to shred the epic 7 Rila Lakes.

Day 6. Joe and the one and only Tom Winter, a founding editor of Freeze magazine and one insightful human being, surveying the section of the day at 7 Rila lakes. This place was built for hot laps and skin tracks.

Me, noticably hyped after straightlining a heavy section in the 'Y' chutes. 50 degree entrances and safe exits made for perfect powder 1's rather than 8's.

That's it! It was a was a hell of a trip and thanks to every one of Schuster and my sponsors for making it happen! Not to mention, Liberty Skis, OXO Schools and Viktor and Christoph from the Bulgarian Freeride society for showing us the goods!



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