Black Diamond 1213 Skis – Sneak Peek

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We're a couple days closer to winter, but those first snow flakes are still a long way away. Ski shopping season, on other hand, is comin' right up. So here we are with another peek at next year's ski gear.

Black Diamond is comin' at ya this season with 9 new skis, mostly in this new 'Free Tour' category they created, with lighter versions of their current skis. Take the Carbon Megawatt for example, weighing in at 2 pounds less than the non carbon version. Pretty sweet for the weight conscious folks out there.

Here's John giving us the full scoop…

And in case you missed it this spring, here's glimpse at some of their new poles

There's of course plenty more to see from BD this coming season; too much to cram into our videos at the tradeshow. So you'll just have to wait until their new products go live online in the coming weeks.


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