All That Pow and Nobody to Track It – Epic Final Week in Verbier


Something fishy was going on in Verbier during the last week of the season. There’s was loads of pow to be skied, but nobody in sight to ski it? OK the main runs were tracked out, but the traverses and short bootpacks yielded some seriously sweet pow skiing action, and were just there for the taking.

Question is, where was everyone? Did Verbier have such an epic winter that local freeskiers were totally over it come April? Had everyone left town a week early? Hung over from some end of season parties?

When rumours of empty lifts and untracked lines drifted to Chamonix, three carloads of ski bums from around the world piled into vehicles and made the pilgrimage to Verbier. And we were glad we did.

With every new lift ride or traverse, we were drooling like fat kids in a candy store. So many lines to be skied, so little time.

After smack talking about what we were going to ski on the untracked Bec des Rosses, we admitted we didn’t have the time or energy to set the bootpack. Nor did we have the need; there was enough pow to be skied right off the Mt Fort lift.

In case it wasn’t good enough already, it dumped over night, resetting all the lines for 3 more days of goodness for the lucky few who were in the area.

So if you’re ever feeling lost in late April, wondering what to do with your life after your local hill has closed, you might want to make the pilgrimage out to Verbier. If not for you, do it for all those lonely pow slopes that are just begging for some late season action.


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Jamie Bond, Andreas Hasselbeck, Blaine Horner, Peter Dale, Liz Daley, Davide De Masi, Ally Watson, Tom Grant

Andreas Hasselbeck
Jamie Bond

Jamie Bond



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