2013 Freeride World Qualifier Results & Video From Moonlight Basin


The third FWQ and first of three Subaru Freeride Series events went down this weekend at Moonlight Basin, Montana. The clouds were thick and the snow was variable but the excitement was very high as competitors from across the world came to show their skills and acquire some much needed points. This was a 4* event meaning the highest level of competition on the qualifier tour.

Day 1 was intimidating, taking place on the lookers left side of a very rocky face riddled with technical chutes called "Headwaters".

The girls were up first. Katrina Devore of Aspen landed in 4th by skiing very fast down the venue, finding a couple of good airs along the way. Sasha Dingle of Big Sky previously showed us at Taos that she can ski with the boys. Continuing her aggressive skiing at Moonlight she dropped a good sized air above rocks on lookers right of the venue and continued to charge to the finish, placing 3rd. Francesca Pavillard-Cain of Crested Butte skied the Hell's Half-acre line which consisted of an air into a long chute which she straight lined to a large exit air, skiing it much smoother than some of the guys that even attempted it, ranking 2nd for the day. The top honours went to Hadley Hammer of Jackson Hole, who impressed everyone with a very technical and creative line.

The guys were now up to finish off the day. There were some very impressive lines being put down, the rowdiest of the day coming from Jesse Bryan of Jackson Hole. He hit the large double up top called the "Tetris Piece", linked two high speed turns before shutting it down and doubling off the largest cliff of the day (the "Toad"). Unfortunately he lost points because of a severe backslap, albeit somewhat mandatory on such a massive cliff, and finished in a tie for 13th. Jake Sakson of Grand Targhee continued to please the crowed as usual with his extremely creative lines, finishing tied for 10th.  Patty Baskins ended up in 3rd. Christian "Little C" Boucher made an impressive return to competition finishing in 2nd place. The man of the day was Kyle Taylor of Bridger Bowl clearly displaying his strength carving through the venue at high speeds, airing some very creative cliffs and finishing with a straight-line over rocks to a large exit air.

Moving onto Day 2 were forty-four athletes looking ready to test their skills on "Three Forks", the lookers right venue on the Headwaters. The previous day's warm temperatures quickly dropped overnight, unfortunately turning the snow into somewhat of an ice rink. The girls were up first as usual. Katrina Devore of Aspen skied another hard charging line to move up into 3rd. Sasha Dingle of Big Sky skied the "Elbow Room", a tight little chute at the bottom of venue showing enough control to shut it down at the exit and airing a large cliff to finish it off placing 2nd. The lady of the weekend was Hadley Hammer of Jackson Hole, continuing to find creative ways down the mountain, finishing eleven points ahead of her competition.

Photo credit: A Jimmerson / www.SubaruFreerideSeries.com

Finishing off the competition were the men, who dealt with the conditions amazingly well, despite flat light and periods of snow. Randy Evans of Bridger Bowl skied a smooth line full of features, ending his run off with a massive backflip to place 3rd. Little C skied consistently all weekend, finishing in 2nd overall. Kyle Tayler, the leader from Day 1, was skiing his way to victory but unfortunately clipped a tree at the bottom of the venue, opening up the top spot for other takers. Patty Baskins of Vail skied the highest scoring line of the day that earned him first place overall. Starting off with a good sized rock gap, he arced some smooth turns back up on top of the cornice, sent it with a confident and massive 360, landed high above exposure and finished his run off with a large drop. The sick bird went honourably to Conner Pelton who skied a very impressive line, smoothly skiing through a tight chute above exposure to a large transfer air   into another chute, ending his run with a massive 360.

Photo credit: A Jimmerson / www.SubaruFreerideSeries.com

Moonlight Basin was another great competition, the second stop of the Subaru Freeride Series at Crested Butte, Colorado will be on March 29th. Meanwhile my road trip continues, stay tuned to Doglotion.com for updates.

More event images on FWQ's Facebook page.

ED: For a competitor's eye view, here's the POV from the author Matt Francisty's lines on both days of the event. Lookin' firm and boney! Hats off to all the competitors.



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