Erik Roner Passed Away In Skydiving Incident


Damn. Almost a year to the day that the ski community mourned the loss of icons Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair, news is spreading around the internet today that Erik Roner has reportedly been killed in a skydiving incident.

We don’t currently have the means to verify this ourselves, but some fairly concrete reports are being shared on a variety of reputable ski pulications:

I didn’t know Erik Roner personally, but many skiers in our community did. It’s sad to see a guy like Erik Roner go. It was easy to see he grabbed life by the balls like nobody else. Roner, much like his departed friend Shane McConkey, pretty much embodied what is about – making the most of this amazing life we’re given, and not taking it too seriously.

I was just reading this article last night about BASE jumping’s high profile death toll, which always gets you thinking. Then I shut off the brain-sucking-computer-machine and read a good old fashioned print magazine, specifically a POWDER article about good friend Ian McIntosh and is ceaseless chase of the next rush. I thought about how I was glad the good ol’ buddy was still alive, and then onto how I’m ‘not allowed’ to take up the sport now that I’m a father of two. Erik Roner was a father himself, making this news even more dismal.

I don’t seem to be getting to a conclusion here, I’m still thinking about it. Inevitably main stream media will write more articles about how sponsors like RockStar are pushing extreme athletes to their death, and we in the ski community will all retort that he died doing what he loved, and that sponsorship wasn’t even a ounce of the reason guys like Roner chase such high risk adventures. But neither of the above will change the fact that Erik Roner is no longer with us, or his family.

So without a conclusion, I’ll wrap with a fitting conversation with my 3 year old, and some mind-blowing video hilarity that only Erik Roner could product.

Mika: Hey what’s that!?
Dad: Oh, umm, well, that, is a dead bird.
Mika: That’s funny!
Dad: Well no not really. He’s dead. So he can’t fly around anymore.
Mika: Maybe he’ll fly again soon.
Dad: No, that’s the thing about being dead. It last forever. So its kinda sad.
a little while later…
Mika: Hmm, maybe the bird will fly again in spring time.

Fly again Erik. RIP.


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