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The Artist Formerly Known As #Hoji


The one, the only artist formerly known as Hoji is so hot right now – he’s got his new Hoji boots, his upcoming Hoji movie, and now we just need action figures or his face on a cereal box. Fresh off a week of spreading the mountain stoke at the Arc’teryx Mountain Academy in Jackson, we caught him to get the down-low on his new found momentum.

DL: Hoji you’re so hot right now, almost 20 years after your ‘ski career’ started. What’s going on? What have you been up to lately? 
Hoji: I’ve been on the road for the past 3 weeks hard at work coaching, filming and working on the development of the Hoji boot and new 4FRNT Renegade ski. Just finished up an excellent trip to Jackson Hole for the Arc’teryx Mountain Academy, what a great zone with a ton of great folks, amazing hospitality!

DL: Rubens says you’re like a wine that just gets better with age. True story? Any secrets for how you pull it off? I’m about to hit 40 so I might need some jedi tricks.
Hoji: Haha I am not so sure about that but it is nice to be involved with a condition based sport where experience pays off. I’ll keep filming until people aren’t interested in my style or abilities. I think the main thing is just to keep evolving and pushing yourself in ways that satisfy your own personal journey.

DL: So first up you got this dead-sexy new Hoji Pro Tour boot launching this year and people are psyched on it. How’s it feel? All that late night tinkering in the cage paid off eh? Um, cough, I’m referring to your boot testing work.
Hoji: It has been quite the journey but after 4 years of hard work and testing it feels really good to get the boot out on people’s feet and to receive positive feedback from their initial experiences. I’ve have also really been enjoying the boots!

DL: How much of the boot is your brainchild? Or do you care? Did you guys achieve the goal you’d been chasing for this boot? Our homies who tried it at Christmas won’t shut up about it.
Hoji: The Hoji Pro Tour boot is based off of the modified Vulcan prototypes that Fritz and I have been building and testing over the past 4 years. The design for the walk ski mechanism, internal interlocking structure, integrated cables connecting the cuff closures to the walk mode lever and ratchet strap ankle retention buckle were all developed and tested on our prototypes and have been implemented into the Hoji boot. We obviously didn’t control the entire design or features of the Hoji boot but I do feel we created and tested all of the most innovative design features of this new boot.

DL: If you’re the ultimate serial gear modifier, is there anything left for other gear nerds to mod on this boot when it comes out? Wasting their time or you stoked to see where others might take it?
Hoji: I am curious to see what people do with this boot for sure… For me the shell is pretty decent but this is just the start of really developing this new platform of ski walk mechanism. Currently I am on a quest to learn as much as possible about liners, there is still a lot of room to improve in this respect.

DL: Enough about boots, I can still smell mine after this week’s wet pow frenzy. Back you being hotter than the Kardashians right now, you’ve got a fricken whole movie coming out!? How’d that come about?
Hoji: Well I have been working with MSP since 2004 so it seems like a good time to create an archival footage-based film to tell the story of this journey. I am super excited about this project and it is going to be a ton of fun to go through all that old footage.

DL: Can we expect some new gnarnia footage in there or is it just a rehash of 17 years of awesome-sauce? Either way would be good, I mean we can’t forget how quickly you exploded the internets last fall.
Hoji: Well we have already done one film trip this for this project and we are considering doing another trip this spring. For me I don’t think we need a ton of new action footage as we have a lot to work with already but it is always good to have as much content as possible to work with to create the best possible film.

DL: Some internet comments about your upcoming film made it sound like you’ve somehow flown ‘under the radar’ even after almost 20 years of crushing it. Does it really count as ‘under the radar’ if you have your own signature boot and feature length ski film? Is this your big pro imitation party? #PROBY40
Hoji: Haha, it’s just because I am just so old and inactive on the social media scene the younger crowd maybe doesn’t relate to my style of work…

DL: Will you get a reality show?
Hoji: Interesting thought, not sure I would enjoy that kind of exposure, haha!

DL: Last week or so it dumped 58cm overnight on a heavy-hyped weekend, and too many thousands of people lined up in the rain for 2+ hrs to get their fix. I saw you turn around and bike home right before I did. Was that the call? Or regrettable? Any ninja tricks for how to zen you’re way through resort pow shredding season?
Hoji: That was my only chance to ski WB since mid November, I had a flight to catch so I really didn’t have time to stand in line for 2 hours. I was hoping to squeak in a couple quick lower mountain laps but the crowd was just too big and the snow too deep to open the lifts on time. Too bad cause I have been on the road ever since. I think if you don’t want to stand in line you just have to skin for your pow.

DL: Good call. You can always use your own ‘high speed quads’. Well we’re pumped to see what all the #Hoji antics lead to next winter, and what the artist formerly known as #Hoji evolves into. Any deep words of wisdom to the groms out there trying to ski for the rest of their life?
Hoji: Work hard and ski harder! Not sure how I would navigate the road to becoming a pro skier in today’s times, the sport has grown and evolved so much and the next generation of skiers are certainly pushing the limits of what’s possible. It would seem that there are numerous young skiers that are better than I ever could have been.




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