Dave Treadway – Rest In Peace

dave treadway

With the sudden death of Dave Treadway on Monday, the freeride community has been struck once again by the reality of our mountain pursuits.

“Hearing this tragic news wanted to make me curl up into a ball and never go into the mountains again,” said Ian McIntosh in an Instagram post.

“F@&king Mountains,” said another friend of mine, one who had enjoyed countless amazing days in the mountains with the youngest of the brothers Treadway.

Of course, Ian goes on to say that he will go back into the mountains because that’s what Dave would do.

And the rest of us will too.

It’s amazing how many of us have a connection to Dave and, by proxy, a connection to Tessa and their young family. The stories that have been pouring out since Monday have been coloured with the mark of an absolute legend. And we can take small comfort in knowing that those stories will be told forever.

Dave will be remembered as a skier with supernatural talents. But he’ll also be remembered as an invaluable member of any team that ever went into the mountains with him. His skill-set was second to none. And if the s#*t ever hit the fan, Dave was the guy you wanted to be there.

But, as is the case with so many deaths in our community, the most experienced people are the ones who end up dying.

The objective hazard ends up catching up with them.

By all reports, this tragedy can be chalked up as a freak accident. It wasn’t the result of recklessness. And it definitely wasn’t a function of inexperience.

Dave was just swallowed up by the very mountains he’d spent a lifetime exploring.

He was carrying on a legacy that was set into motion by his older brothers, Dan and Daryl. And his own legacy will be carried on by Tessa, Kasper, Raffi and his now-unborn child.

But while that legacy will work in combination with time to provide solace, the devastation in the here-and-now is immeasurable, especially for Tessa and the boys.

So what can we do?

We can hug those who are right beside us.

We can call our families and tell them we love them.

We can head back into the mountains.

And, most importantly, we can help out Dave’s young family by clicking on the link below:

Support Dave’s family on this GoFundMe page.


Also, here’s a mere snapshot of Dave’s Legacy.

Lucky for us Dave was handy with cameras and passionate about sharing his adventures with others, so we’ve got plenty of quintessential Dave moments to relive online.




Big Mountain Badass


Family Man by Day // Big Mountain Slayer by Night

Dave was incredibly dedicated to his family. Skiing can be a selfish sport with long days in the mountains, but after Dave and Tessa had children, Dave re-directed his love of mountain exploration for a love of sharing the mountains with his family.

Then at the end of the season, when conditions lined up, he could still go big in the mountains like only few people can.

Dave on Doglotion

Lastly a throwback to some good times with Dave on the lotion. We had a blast flying in helis and smashing pillows back in 2010 for a Great Canadian Heliskiing promo video. Dave was the life of the trip and those smiles say it all. And here’s a throwback interview from 2011.


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