Custom Gaper Day Costumes Now On Kickstarter?

Just wow. Today I stumbled upon one of those really, really special ski products. The kind that relieves me from having to create any parody content on… because sometimes real life is even better¬†than any joke I could think of.

Enter Apres Performance – a Kickstarter project that we think is for real. But if you read or watch any of the content, you can’t help but hope it’s a joke! Maybe it is? But no, it’s not obvious enough to be a joke, or I’m just slow.

It seems like someone (or rather 3 people), truly believe the world needs customizable, gaper-styled one-piece 1980’s ski suits. The world needs them so badly that it was worth creating an elaborate Kickstarter campaign to help make the delusion (cough, I mean dream) a reality.

They seem pretty in tune to trends though. I mean check out this insightful quote from the video… “After studying apparel trends, we realized that in order to ski well, you need to feel good. And in order to feel good, you need to look good.” Damn, if only someone had told me that years ago! I’d have been the FWT champ by now.

But it gets better. If you still doubt how awesome this product is, just read one of the testimonials. Literally the best thing in her entire life! And she took it to Japan, so it has to be good.


Watch the video and decide for yourself it it’s real or a joke. And cross your fingers that these suits will be available by Gaper Day, because they are just purrrrrfect for the occasion.


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