Chuck Patterson Skis JAWS…..again.


Well, Chuck’s gone and done some more tow-in skiing at Jaws. And once again, I find myself conflicted…

Is this rad? Or is it kinda lame?

Either way, I think it takes balls to just to walk down a set of stairs in ski boots, let alone wear them in 20-foot Hawaiian surf. And Chuck Patterson is a legitimate waterman who, if he so desired, could shred these massive waves on a surfboard as well.

The internet seems to think it’s cool, touting headlines such as “Total Lunatic Surfs Maui Waves in his Ski Gear”.

But have you ever seen anyone shredding the piss out of the deep end of a bowl on a Razor Scooter?

It’s cool, but…………

Just kidding.

Chuck shreds. And until I fulfill my lifelong dream of towing into JAWS on rollerblades, I’ll just have to keep my mouth shut.

Check the vid and decide for yourself.


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