Christina Lusti on Getting Engaged, Shredding Big Lines, and Everything Inbetween


As seen in the just released documentary above, Christina Lusti is a busy, passionate, and driven mountain enthusiast. Considering the variety of different things she does within skiing, mountain enthusiast is probably as close as it gets to summing it all up in a catch-all term. From guiding clients through champagne interior powder to being a professional athlete for Arc’teryx, black crows skis,  Petzl, Smartwool, inReach, RMR, and SeeRevelstoke, Christina is certainly one to stay busy.

Despite this tightknit schedule, I managed to have a quick chat with Lusti to get to the bottom of some hard-hitting questions that only Doglotion could get to the bottom of.

Hi Lusti! Thanks for taking a second to talk shop. How’s the season been so far? Still sticking to the ski-touring only guiding as mentioned in the video?

Christina: Yes. Still going steady with the touring work. This is my second season not mechanized skiing. Ski touring is so hot right now!

The video was produced by Nikolai Schirmer, right? How is it working with that long limbed Norwegian fellow? He seems to be infatuated with our rugged Canadian living we have going on here.

Christina: It was great. Any photographer or filmmaker that is a skier first has a huge advantage in ski and sports action. He’s really energetic and fun to work with, it was fun showing him around revy for a few days. I think he enjoyed it so much he came back later in the year for a personal ski trip.

Lusti chargin’

Any embarrassing stories to share about Andre Charland (co-founder of Doglotion)? I recall you guys were on the same Columbia Icefields trip a couple springs ago.

Christina: Since you asked… I did out party Andre one night on our freshfields trip! It’s true !! Ask Rubens or hoji. But seriously, I had such a great time skiing with Andre! He’s got a great head in the mountains.

Any big trips planned for this upcoming spring?

Christina: I’m on the road now, guiding and traveling between the coast and Jackson hole. Soon after I get home I start filming with the sherpas on a project close to home. after that I’m hoping Europe and a few steep ski projects around home later in the spring.

Human powered guiding only for Lusti these days,

The crusty locals of the coast range and the vanguards of Revelstoke/interior as a whole have a long history of heckling each other. If you could pick aspects of the West Coast with aspects of the interior and combine them into the ultimate zone, what would you pick?

Christina: I’m a lover of all hills!

Hard to blend it all together … How about a high speed train between the mighty Rockies and the coast mountains.

Two birds stoned at once.

Two birds stoned at once. Love it. Ricky would be proud.

Any words of wisdom for our viewers?

Christina: New gossip I just got engaged!!!

Amazing! Who’s the lucky guy?

Christina: Mikey Verway is the lucky dude!

He’s the Operations Manager at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Power couple of the year?

Well a huge congratulations to you on behalf of all of us. 

Anyway thank you for taking the time out of skiing all the powders to do chat! Keep keeping the dream alive.



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