Chris Rubens on Eclipse Chasing, Dropping His Pants, And Drinking Fernet


With all the buzz about that photographer guy who shot the eclipse (what was his name again?), we thought we’d hunt down on of the skiers from the film; the one and luckily only Chris Rubens.

Andre: This is my first doglotion interview so it might suck. Are you OK with that?

Rubens: Do I have a choice? Oh sorry what I meant to say was your going to do great bud!

Andre: You seem to get a round for a guy who lives in the backwoods of BC. Argentina, Stewart and Svaldbard. All very remote and very different. Which would you go back to first and why.

Rubens: Oh man that is a really tough one. They are all so good for so many different ways. But I guess if I had to pick one it would be Svalbard because that place is incredibly unique. You can ride your snowmobile everywhere, even down the street. There are rad mountains with sick lines to shred and to top it off there is no tax on the booze.

Andre: So while most of us are waiting for our first ski day, you’re on your first “rest” day? Tell me about that?

Rubens: Hahaha…. Well I really didn’t want to take a break but eventually you have to take a day off and let real life kick my ass. It normally hurts a lot and I recover by going back on a ski bender, its a vicious circle.

Andre: What would be the outcome if Revelstoke and Whistler had a love child?

Rubens: That would be a messed up love child, probably have some serious identity crisis going on. Tough question though, I just kept wanting to bash Whistler but I’m trying to be a professional these days.

Andre: That’s not what Doglotion.com is all about… just be yourself.

Rubens: Well in that case I think that that love child would suck compare to Revelstoke. Hahahaha.

Andre: Ok. Let’s move on. We dug a little bit into the making of “Conquering the Useless”. Why did you decide to drive you brand new $15k snowmobile off a cliff?

Rubens: Well snowmobiling is very much an ego thing, especially when you are climbing hills you always want to go the highest. I tried to go the highest which was too high so I fell off. The sled airing off a cornice into the snow was probably the best case scenario, or atleast  better than it landing in the bottom of a crevasse.

Best cased scenario? Screegrab from Conquering the Useless.

Andre: Why do you like camping with Cody so much? Or if you don’t why did you spend 24 nights in a tent together last winter? (Don’t ask how we know this)

Rubens: After spending 2 weeks in a tent with him in Svalbard I thought I’d had enough of him. But when we split ways before the Stewart trip I realized that I missed his scent, the way he touched me and our in-depth talks. I knew who I would be sharing a tent with in Stewart.

Andre: Did you actually ‘conquer the useless’ or did the useless conquer you?

Rubens: So deep man, I’m not really sure that we conquered anything. So I guess the useless conquered me.

Rubens gettin'er done in Bella Coola. Screengrab from Conquering the Useless.

Rubens gettin’er done in Bella Coola. Screengrab from Conquering the Useless.

Andre: Namaste brother. Let’s talk about the Eclipse mission to Svalbard with the Aussie. It appears you dug a 10 ft hole in the ground just to get yourself filmed while taking a deuce. Why do you like to dig holes in the snow so much?

Rubens: Hahaha… “Svalbard with the Aussie”, that should have been name of the movie, none of this #Eclipse nonsense. Well I quickly saw that Reuben Krabbe was stealing our (athletes) limelight, no better way to get it back than by digging a big hole and taking your pants off.

Luxury out house, Norwegian arctic style. Screengrab from Eclipse/Salomon Freeski TV.

Luxury out house, Norwegian arctic style. Screengrab from Eclipse/Salomon Freeski TV.

Andre: You appear to be the most stoked skier in Svaldbard, based on volume alone. What was the highlight of that trip?

Rubens: Well the Eclipse was really incredible, I wasn’t really prepared to actually see it. So that was pretty amazing. But the true highlight was a rockstar crew that made it one of the funniest trips ever.

Andre: Funny rockstars eh? Well what was the funniest thing that happened on that trip?

Rubens: Probably just the fact that an abrasive Aussie organized it with an even more abrasive Brit from Oxford. That interaction was priceless.

Andre: Oh one more question about Stewart before we move on to Argentina. Is there a reggae vibe in Northern BC? See picture.

Rubens: Oh man, that’s greasy. I don’t know but tell that hippy to get a hair cut.

Dirty Hippy. Screengrab from Conquering the Useless.

Dirty Hippy. Screengrab from Conquering the Useless.

Andre: So you coached a backcountry ski camp in Argentina this summer. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Rubens: Yah Hoji and Jorge from Andescross started these two years ago after talking about it for too long. Well really Jorge does everything and we just show up and make fun of him and then give some tips to the rad people that show up. It really is a lot of fun though, eating amazing lomo, drinking good wine and skiing awesome lines in good snow.

Andre: Other than skiing with me and making and a couple appearances on Doglotion’s Instagram, what was the highlight of your south american ski adventure this summer?

Rubens: The snow man, we skied so much good snow. Which was the exact opposite of the year before. With all the fun stuff to do down in SA it is still always better when you are shredding good pow. And yes i always need a beer, except when you are around then its fernet and cokes for life.

Andre: #canadianfernetteam?

Rubens: Why didn’t we thing of that # when we were down there? Oh well next year.

Andre: Any tips for skiers headed to South America?

Rubens: Yah don’t drink fernet and cokes. But seriously look up andescross.com because Jorge will make your trip way better.

Andre: Will do! Words of wisdom for up and coming backcountry skiers? I always just say stay on the coast cuz there’s no avalanches there…

Rubens: Yah I used to joke about that but with climate change that could change to. I’ve seen some bad avy conditions even on the coast the past couple of winters. Get the equipment, learn how to use it, practice and take a course. CAPOW offers some awesome educational courses on how to move safely through terrain. But after that, practice practice practice.

Andre: Ok. Thanks for your time Chris. It’s friday night and I need to start training for ski season. See ya in the hills.

Chris Rubens is sponsored by Salomon,  Kask, RMR, Pro Bar, Fresh & Dissent.

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