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Since everyone and their dog has been smacking their heads on things and getting concussions, I figured it was time to score a new ski helmet with MIPS technology. I’m such a sucker for cool technology acronyms, so I’d been hunting for one of these babies for a while. The model I landed is Giro’s Range Mips helmet.

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, and the best part is that it’s not the only cool technology name on this helmet… there’s dozens of them. Here’s the specs from their site.


Construction: MIPS – Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, Articulating Hard Shell construction, Low-profile design

Fit System: In Form 2 Fit System

Ventilation: Thermostat Control Adjustable Venting, Super Cool Vents, Stack Ventilation

Features: GoPro® compatible camera mount integration, Fidlock® magnetic buckle closure, X-Static® anti-bacterial padding, Compatible with all Giro aftermarket audio systems

Certification: ASTM 2040-11/CE EN1077


Here’s all those fancy technology names in video format…


I’ve taken the Range MIPS for some spins and tried to hit my head as many times as possible. So far I’m still healthy, and here’s some of the pros and cons:


  • Custom Fit – I actually thought the size L didn’t fit when I first tried it on. Then I clued into the Conform Fit dial on the back of the helmet and shazaaam, it opened up like a little lady bug and fit my big head just fine.
  • Low Profile – Helmets are awesome but I’d rather they don’t look and feel like an astronaut helmet, so this low profile shape gets two thumbs up for sure.
  • MIPS technology – I haven’t done enough crash test dummy testing to verify this one, but I gather the idea here is that the interior foam liner can move somewhat independently from the outer shell, so that when you crash at a funny angle it minimizes how much your head rattles from multi directional forces. Sounds good to me.
  • Goggle clip – Easy to use, and hopefully won’t break off like some of my past helmets that had plastic clips. This one boasts a cord instead of a hard plastic clip.
  • Removable GoPro mount – OK this one’s only for dorks like me who wear a GoPro (I swear it’s for work). But since GoPro’s are so dorky, why have the camera or the mount sticking out of your helmet more often than you need to? Enter Giro’s nifty little removable GoPro mount that just slides into or out of the front of your helmet like it ain’t no thang.
  • Fidlock® Magnetic buckle closure – What a lovely name for a simple neck strap buckle. But hey, it works. There’s a lot of lame neck strap systems out there in my garage, this system puts them to shame with a quick, low-profile, easy magnetic clip system. And maybe if I find a penny on the snow I could snap it onto my chin strap for good luck. Just sayin’.


  • Potential Gaper Gap – This might just be my head, but I find the helmet can sometimes roll backwards a bit, creating a Gaper Gap, especially when I’m bombing down faster than the speed of sound.
  • Weight – It’s a decently light helmet, but not as light as a my lightest lids, more my cross-over to mountaineering helmets, so starting this time of year (spring/summer) I’ll probably switch to a lighter rig since it doesn’t get much use during the day, then switch back to the Range helmet for the rest of next winter. Imagine how much vert I’ll crush by saving those few grams 😉

The goggle clip is easy and I believe durable.


Magnets, oh ya.

Turns out I didn't take enough selfies on my last few ski trips, so these clever photos from my kitchen will have to do. You'd never know it's indoors with all those rad peaks in the background. Oh wait, where is there a kitchen in the lens reflection?

Turns out I didn’t take enough selfies on my last few ski trips, so these clever photos from my kitchen will have to do. You’d never know it’s indoors with all those rad peaks in the background. Oh wait, why is there a kitchen in the lens reflection?


If you like fancy technology names and/or want a kick-ass and safe helmet, Giro’s Range Mips helmet is a good call.


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Cool Technology Names

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