Capturing Radness with a Hitcase – Gear Review

When getting rad, it’s important to document it so that the world knows how rad you are. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And it’s even radder if it looks like you weren’t even trying, like if you filmed the whole thing on your frickin’ phone!

Or maybe it’s just fun to capture cool moments in the mountains and shareย them. Either way, there’s a newish player in town that’s making it way easier to capture some of the action you were previously too lazy to document, even with your GoPro. Enter the Hitcase – a waterproof, shock proof, mountable iPhone case with lots of available accessories.

You’ve seen the #hitcase hashtags popping up all over the place this winter, and for good reason.

Here’s the lowdown…


What We Tested

What I Should Have Tested

  • Hitcase FloatR Floatation Strap because a dolphin almost head butted my camera into the abyss

Where We Tested It

Our Hitcase test has been all about skiing, apart from that time I had to book a trip to Hawaii just to make sure it would start snowing in Whistler again. It worked! I saw dolphins and everyone else got powder, so it’s a win/win.

What Is It

Hitcase is a waterproof/shockproof case for your iPhone, kinda like Lifeproof and other such cases. Only the difference here is – it comes with a regular and wide angle lens option for turning it into a kick-ass POV camera, and they make a tonne of accessories to rival what you can do with POV cameras like GoPro.


Convenience – This is the trump card here people. Admit it – you always have your phone on you. And if you’re even half organized, you always want your phone to be charged to. So that just increased your chance of capturing something rad on photo/video by like 100 times, because we all know how rarely your POV camera is actually charged, with you, with a memory card, and so on.

Twice already I’ve gone on important and awesome ski trips, and failed to document anything with my GoPro. Meanwhile, the Hitcase had my back.

First in Japan I dropped my GoPro in the pow, never to be seen again. So I did this instead…

Then in Tantalus my 2nd GoPro had no battery. But Hitcase manned up for the occasion when we woke before dawn and enjoyed this line…

You Already Have It – As their clever slogan goes, “The best POV camera is the one you already have”. Instead of buying a new camera you can just get a cool case to protect your phone from water and abuse, and whamo – it doubles as a POV camera. Sweet.

Easy Sharing – You don’t have to transfer your footage/photos to your phone or computer to view and edit themโ€ฆ cause they’re already there. It just put the insta back in instagram. #TBT’s are a thing of the past.


Gotta make those Instagrams instant, even if it’s 6:30am and you’re on a mountain?

– Unlike most POV cameras, my iPhone with a Hitcase fits nicely into any of my pockets, including my ski pant pockets for when I’m climbing/skinning and aren’t wearing my jacket.


Durabilityย – After a few days of use the self stick was jammed and no longer extended to it’s full length. I’m sure I could fix it again with not very much effort. Also, I lost the lens cover. So alas, my footage seems to be a bit blurry lately, and it looks like I’ve scratched the lens a bit. Ooops. Don’t lose your lens cover I guess.

Too Easy – This is a pretty selfish dislike, and completely my fault not Hitcases’. But here’s the deal. It’s so damn easy to use the Hitcase that I’ve partly given up on my proper POV cameras. And alas, when I get a totally banger good shot, I’d ultimately rather it be with the full quality of a POV camera instead of a phone. How’s that for a complaint? I’m clutching at straws here aren’t I. Not much to complain about.

Trifides Deux. Super! #storm #lagrave #hitcase #iphoneonly

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If you’re too cheap to getย a dedicated POV camera, you should atleast man up and buy a Hitcase for your iPhone so that you can capture the action with ease. And if you’re too lazy to totally dial in your POV camera, you should also get a Hitcase. Wait, I guess everyone should just get a Hitcase. They’re rad. Radder than you though? Dunno, guess you’ll have to prove it.


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