MSP Booter at 7th Heaven


This past weekend, the Matchstick Production crew and Standard Films were in Whistler (when aren’t they!), and hit an enormous booter out on 7th Heaven that we built for’em.  It was a few days in waiting, as our seemingly endless winter wasn’t yielding clear skies until the weekend. Lots of people were checking out the jump, thought you'd want to see it being put to good use…

The bluebird poked it’s head out Saturday & Sunday, and at sunset they totally sessioned the jump with the usual Heli buzzing around for footage. The scene was packed, 5 filmers, 5 photographers, and a hodgepodge of the world’s top skiers, among them:  Jon Olsson, TJ Schiller, CR Johnson, Mark Abma, Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, Eric Hjorliefson, Mike Douglas and Sarah Burke.  As well as top snowboarders: Eric and John Jackson, Freddy Austbo, Kazu Kokubo, Matthieu Crepel and today, Danny Kass. The jump was being filmed in HD and Super 16mm for the Matchstick Productions Fall Movie Tour, watch for it when the premieres start popping up around the continent.  But the booter days isn’t all you’ll see, as this winter at Whistler has been straight up ridiculously epic, and the filmers have been lovin’ every minute of it.  

Here’s some shots by the paparazzi. OK they were Heather Martin's, but she does have a budding paparazzi career ahead of her. OK she organized the whole thing and was allowed to be there, but paparazzi sounds more scandalous.


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