Match Stick Productions Custom Booter Shoot

Few weeks ago we were contacted by MSP to build a gap step up for top skiers Sammy Carlson & Simon Dumont. Simon has been busy winning big $ @ pipe comps in the U.S. but Sammy was up to hit our custom booter. The gap step up was 60 feet from take off to uphill landing point. The kicker was approx 15 feet high & the uphill landing was higher @ around 25 feet.


Sammy said, “This is the best jump I have hit all year!” & based on what he was throwing down, looks like he was fully into it! The gap step up took 3 days to build by our skilled Park Grooming lead hand, Olex Iskaat. Stormy weather put the hit on hold then a final groom out made the feature ready for action this week. Sammy made the jump look effortless on every jump, blowing on lookers minds.


Park lead hand, Eric Gendron was in charge of shuttling Sammy back up to the in run start via sled so the action was fast & non stop! The shoot went into the sunset hours so expect to see some awesome footage in the next MSP film out this Fall. Big thanx to the Parks staff, leads & Olex for building & re grooming the hit so it was ideal for Sammy to hit over & over again.


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