Kayaking & Freeride In Norway

Note from DL: Keep an eye out for the ongoing adventures of these guys on their trip up Norway for some rad peak bagging. You Whistlerites will recognize Ian Cheddar Watson on the roster… should prove to be a pretty cool adventure. Here's some pre trip news, more coming from this blog as it unfolds…


Freeride Norway


Our original destination of the Alta region of Norway for this trip has been changed. Due to safety issues raised by local paddlers related to winter kayaking the area was deemed not suitable for our visit. We have therefore moved the destination to the mountains and fjords of the Lofoten region. This change has we believe worked out better than the original plans as the concept remains the same and we will now be among more spectacular mountains.


Kayaking in the fjords and ski mountaineering in the peaks above in Norway’s famous Lofoten region. In some of the most untouched areas left in Scandinavia we will access the mountains from the ocean to ski area’s rarely visited where roads are few and far between. From the ocean to the highest peaks gives an elevation of up to 1200m with ski descents possible right down to the water. This gives a vertical drop comparable to that of the Alps. This trip will take place from 21.3.07 for 10 days to get the best conditions in this area both for weather and snowcover.



Norway skiing
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Kayaks are being used to access these remote places and to put up base camp along the way. Spotting good ski lines from the fjords we will choose the most aesthetic peaks we find. These areas in Norway are seldom skied as the access is too complicated and time consuming to approach by land. We are sking these peaks


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 Freeride Norway


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  1. XPS

    Day one: May it not continue as it has started! Never thought I’d I say it, but being in France was easy compared to this. It got difficult the second we hit Geneva airport. Excess baggage issues were followed by lost baggage issues in Oslo. This resulted in almost missing the connection, loosing a bottle of Bushmills finest and half a shovel to the customs ‘Nazis’ and then paying some retarded price for a sausage wrap. Just as we thought it was getting better the flight we ran through the airport to catch got delayed an hour. On take off I thought ‘right lets kick back for snooze’ but I pick the only row in the plane with non-reclining seats. Great. Finally our smiles return in Bodö as we relax with a beer in the Rica Hotel. Tomorrows challenge is to retrieve the missing luggage, which includes among other things Pat’s ski boots, then catch the Hurtigruten ferry to Lofoten. Hopefully things run smoother from here on in!


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