Fires, Mudslides and Powder – What Next?

Man, disasters a plenty at the ski resorts just outside of Santiago Chile, keeping local fire fighters plenty busy. A big fat snowstorm rolled in, so heavy that we knew we wouldn’t be skiing for a solid 2 days. So we did like any bored skier would and headed down to Santiago to chilax and wait out the storm.

On the way down, the road closed in 1 direction as firetruck after firetruck chugged up the hill. Why would there be firetrucks headed to a ski resort in a snowstorm? This is why…

The refugio in La Parva met a firey demise as it took fire trucks over an hour to get up the mountian road to the scene.

But we made it down, and certainly faired better than the owners of the Refugio.

Now we’re here in Santiago, planning to head up in the morning for one of the most epic powder days ever imaginable… and the road is closed! Why? A disastrous and unfortunately fatal mudslide between here and the ski resorts! 

Once again, HUGE bummer for any skiier like us sitting here in Santiago, yet incomparably insignificant compared to the tragedy for anyone involved in the mudslide fatalities. Odd when you put things into perspective isn’t it?


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  1. forbiddenfruitfarmer

    I almost stayed there!  I realized it was more fun to commute from Santiago but that was an iconic part of chilean skiing.  I think they have had similar disasters and rebuilt many times from what I understand.  


    Has anyone else ever watched a building construction site in Argentina or Chile?  How about Bolivia?  It gets worse… 

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