Deeper on the Duffy!



It looked more like March than November in the Pemberton back-country on the week-end. All week I became obsessed with the images on the Cayoosh pass webcam like this one from Thursday night. The Duffy was getting pounded!


Trail-breaking was nothing short of epic but well worth the effort. If it keeps this up, we’ll be hitting lines in December we usually only dream of in the Spring!


Pics:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/patmulrooney/sets/72157622865629550/


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  1. Pat Mulrooney

     I guess we have to keep an eye on the weather. It looks like Pineapples might start growing up there by the end of the day?  

  2. J Dogg

    ya i’ve been checking out that cam lately. some classic images. kinda glad i wasn’t driving it. almost time for some missions indeed… once my sprained ankle heals. 400’s are way less cool than 360’s and 540’s.

  3. AndreCharland

    what do you think of all this snow eh Pat? this looks amazing. what are your thoughts for this weekend? I could be into some backcountry ventures… 

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