Currie to Wedge in a day!


Summit of Mt Currie May 31 2008.

With the the clear weather and good alpine temps over the past week I'd been itching to get a spring epic in. On Friday Matt suggested the classic Mt. Currie to Wedge traverse. I'd always heard good things about this trip and couldnt think of a better way to end the month of May. Fully aware that we needed a super early start to beat the daily melt, Matt convinced the freindly people at Blackcomb Helicopters to meet us at the Whistler heli port at 5:30 am. After a Vancouver departure of 3:30am we soon found ourselves on the summit of Mt Currie at 6:15 am. The first descent down Currie's south face was a little firm from the previous nights freeze. 

Matt drops in to Currie's south face.

We soon found ourselves ascending the first big climb of the day up to Hibatchi Ridge. The sun was finally staring to show itself! 

Stephen and Johannes.

After reaching the ridge we still had one more descent on some Spring hardpack on the shady west slopes down to Mystery Creek. 

Danielle on Hibatchi Ridge.

Matt Gunn.

From this point the route consisted mainly of glacier travel. We put on the harnesses and set out for the steepest climb of the day. At the top the impressive north face of Weart and The Owls came in to view. The snow was finally starting to give in to the sun! 

Matt and Stephen.

The decent below the Owls and down to Weart Glacier was incredible. Perfect Spring Corn! After a quick lunch break we started up the massive Weart Glacier with Lesser Wedge visable in the far distance. 

Matt Gunn.

After about an hour the impressive glaciated North Face of Wedge came into view. 


The sun was now heating things up as we made our way up to the North East Arete. Based on the time of day and the snow conditions we decided against a Wedge summit and descended perfect snow down the Wedgemount Glacier. 

North East Arete.

Wedgemount Glacier.

When we reached the Hut at the lake it was time to get into shorts and soak up some sun before milking every last turn in the trees. No coast mountain spring mission would be complete without this image. 

Matt Gunn.

After the 2 hour dirt hike and a total of 28 kms we found ourselves at the Wedgmount Lake trail parking lot.  








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  1. Tobin Seagel

    Hey, that solves the mystery. Dave and I were at the hut napping in the afternoon (we had left the parking lot at 11pm Friday) when we saw people ski to the bottom of the Wedge glacier. I COULD NOT figure out where people had come from since we’d been up there all day and were the only car in the lot. If I’d known it was you guys we’d have waited and shitslogged down that trail together! Sounds like you guys had a great trip.

  2. Pat Mulrooney

    We came down the glacier late in the day and saw the tracks from the couloir. Nice work Tobin!  

    Hope you had a good one Jamie!    

  3. J Dogg

    funny you didn't see Tobin up there, you skied right past him. He we skiing the NW couloir the same day. nice one. jealous. i was too busy prepping for an epic 30th kegger, which uh, is, uh, different than a day in the mountains. Good to switch it up a bit. Another kegger next weekend (Gaper Day) then back to real mountains. 


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