Area Ski Company Marketing Manager Proposes Bold “Winter is Coming” Campaign


In a moment of pure, unadulterated creative bliss, Chad Beaudray, marketing manager at SickGnarBro Skis, had the sudden realization that the brand should run the bold and never-been-done-before campaign based off a quip from the little known TV show called “Game of Thrones.”

“I was sitting there, last Sunday, and stumbled across this great TV show no one’s ever heard of before. Game of Drones [sic] I think it’s called”, Chad says. “Anyway, there I was sitting on my 8th whiskey of the night as I tried to numb the void within me left after years of terribly corny and dry ski marketing campaigns trying to promote possibly the whitest sport in existence. And this guy, this guy who literally gets his head chopped off a few hours later, proclaims “Winter is Coming”. Right then and there, I knew we had to use it in our email newsletter this fall.”

It’s not clear what year Chad thinks it is right now considering the episode involving the quip is from 2011. When asked about other campaigns he’s working on though, it becomes apparent something ain’t right:

“Yeah, you know that Kony 2012 movement? We’re looking to partner with those guys. Really smart guys. I don’t know exactly who this Kony guy is but he better stay away from our powder. I remember hearing in the documentary that he’s a kingpin that traffics white stuff. We should put guys like that in jail!”

Regardless of the state of Chad’s thought processes, we worry for the day he comes to grips with the fact his idea has been incessantly copied for the past 8 years.


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