Steve Ogle_Feb 5

Apocalypse Pow hits the Kootenays

Photo: Steve Ogle


Over the last few days 84cms of goose down has draped the West Kootenays. After a clear day today, tonight’s forecast is for another 25. We’re in the middle of what is known in a local, organic, wheat-free, whole-grain storm sandwich.

Schools called their first snow day since 1972, as plows weren’t able to keep up, also leading to travel advisories on all roads. Locals obeyed road warnings except for those leading to Red and Whitewater. Much of the local business shut down for the 30 cm day and the few Kootenay folk who actually have legit jobs got to skip work.

The 25cms we’re getting hammered with tonight will probably end up shutting down schools and businesses again. I hate Donald Trump and his stupid Mexican border wall. But if he could just keep one Hispanic sounding character below the Mexican border I might like him more. I’m talking about the bad hombre known as El Nino. The West Kootenays haven’t seen this much snow in town since the Mulroney era and it feels nice to have a winter that feels like we’re in the 1990s again.




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