Alcoholics Rejoice at the Return of the World Ski And Snowboard Festival

Not that the festival went anywhere, but with all the change that’s taken hold in Whistler lately, rumours swirled over the cancellation of everybody’s favourite bender.

“I’d be drinking anyways,” said one local Whistlerite. “But at least for those six days in April, I won’t be doing it alone.”

And yes, you read that right….the festival will be shorter this year, spanning from April 10th-15th.

“I guess I’ll save money on drugs this spring,” added the local.

Whistler Blackcomb has partnered with Gibbons Whistler to extend the legacy of the historical event.

No musical acts have been announced as of yet, but festival-goers are hopeful that The Swollen Members won’t be available.

All jokes aside though, we’re PUMPED to see the return of the Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme. The race, which starts at the top of The Saudan Couloir and ends at the bottom of Jersey Cream, put Blackcomb on the map in the late 80s and early 90s.

Originally billed as “2500 feet of thigh burning hell”, it makes sense to throw the event during six days of liver burning awesomeness.

It will be open to skiers and snowboarders, so you’d all better start practicing now (unless you’re Stan Rey).

The blow-your-hair-back Big Air events will also return to the base of the mountain this year (unless Climate Change intervenes). And it sounds like the 72-hour Filmmaker Showdown is back on as well.

“The festival’s in good hands,” said a chorus of Gibbons employees.

Doglotion reached out to Canadian rocker Kim Mitchell to see if he’d be interested in headlining, but he declined to comment.

Here’s the Official Press Release


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