Ah Fack – New Blackcomb Gondy Won’t Be Ready For Opening Day


Might as well take your money elsewhere…Like Grouse! Or Sun Peaks!

Blackcomb is officially ruined and will never recover from this devastating blow.

The Whistler Winter Facebook Page has confirmed, through their collective wit, that this is all Vail’s fault.

One particularly knowledgeable member from the group went so far as to say “Fuck Donald Trump”.

But no, the letter of apology to Blackcomb skiers and boarderzzz did not come from the President Elect of the United States of America.

It came from the president of Doppelmayr USA.

I’ll spare you the quotes from the article in The Pique, but the president of Doppelmayr sounds a lot sorrier than Pete Sonntag, the Chief Operating Officer of WB.

To paraphrase Sonntag’s statement: Shit happens, man.

And it does.

To be fair, you can’t expect to destroy a Wizard (chair) and not expect any backlash down the line.

The good news is that Blackcomb has, like, 100 other lifts it can use in the meantime.

And there’s also a WHOLE OTHER MOUNTAIN on the other side of Fitzsimmons Creek.

That being said, hopefully they’re able to meet their new target date of December 14th.

The early season will be a bit more a pain in the ass than usual on Blackcomb, but that new gondy had better be spinnin’ for the holidays.



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