2015/16 Salomon Rocker2 100 Ski Review

Ever wondered what the best way to make it snow is? Buy some skinnier skis!

All winter I’d been whining about the lack of snow and the hard pack conditions. All the while I was thinking ‘man I need some skinnier planks’. Most of my ski closet is full of 115mm underfoot tanks, so it was due time I got an all-mountain whip… especially on a season like this.

Enter the 2015/16 Salomon Rocker2 100. It’s unchanged from the 2014/15 ski apart from a sexy and subtle new graphic, so if you liked the 14/15 ski you’re in for more good fun next winter. Here’s a link to the current 2014/15 Salomon Rocker2 100.

As hinted, winter finally arrived in March and so did the new skis, so I managed to test them in pow, spring corn, spring not-corn-yet, and of course the left over bits of hardpack still kicking around from this low-tide winter. And lets not forget the mandatory DOA lap in the Blackomb slackcountry. If a ski is tested and it’s not on DOA, then did it actually happen?

The mandatory DOA lap. Photo by Joe Schwartz'enegger'.

The mandatory DOA lap. Photo by Joe Schwartz’enegger’.

Test Details

  • Skier: Male, 5’10”, 145 lbs, blue eyes and handsome.
  • Conditions: Wide variety mentioned above.
  • Mount Point: Recommended line with Salomon WTR 13 bindings
  • Skis: 188cm Salomon Rocker2 100 for 2015/16 season

Ski Specs (Unverified)

  • Tip/Waist/Tail (mm): 125/100/118
  • Radius: 17.3
  • Weight: 3700 g
I guess all these headless selfless are so you can't call me out on that handsome claim.

I guess all these headless selfless are so you can’t call me out on that handsome claim.


  • Super fun & playful feel – combination of flex, shape, and rocker profile. Really manoeuvrable.
  • All-Mountain goodness – 100mm underfoot is the money spot for all-conditions skis. Fat enough that you aren’t hating yourself on a medium pow day, and skinny enough that you’re not lugging tanks around the hill.
  • Graphics – Super subtle. You can’t even see the Salomon logo unless you catch the sunlight at the right angle.
  • Weight – It’s an agile ski, light enough to throw around but beefy enough to hold it’s own. I’ve set it up for resort skiing, so not worried that it’s heavier than other skis in my quiver.


  • Mega Gnar or mega resort railing – While it’s a good all-mountain shape and size, the Rocker2 100 doesn’t strike me as the ideal ski for skiing hardback steeps, nor full-on resort groomer railing days. It’s totally capable of both and you’ll have fun while you’re at it, but I think there’s more specific skis out there if either one of those is what you’re chasing really specifically. But hey, those skis won’t be the all-mountain quiver killer that the Rocker2 100 might be. So pick your poison.

More spring pow and mini hits.


If you’re looking for a do everything resort/slackcountry driver, and are wondering why your closet is full of 115mm+ skis on hardback winters like this, then Salomon’s Rocker2 100 could be a winner. If you’re looking for a super specific resort carver or steep slayer, you can probably fine a better but less versatile choice.

And more importantly, like we said… the snow is back in BC, so go and get some while you can!

'Cause this is what it looks like in the valley.

‘Cause this is what it looks like in the valley.


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