2014/15 Gear Sneak Peeks – G3 Carbon Skis, ION Binding, Poles

I wandered aimlessly through the halls of Outdoor Retailer 2014, in search of cool new backcountry ski gear dropping next winter. First stop wasn’t hard to find, as we’re admittedly in kahoots with these guys. And excited to be, ’cause G3 Genuine Guide Gear just dropped a bomb’s worth of rad new ski gear for next winter. A new tech binding, an entire carbon ski line up, backcountry poles, and a full carbon split board. Oh ya, that just happened.

The G3 ION (pictured above) is proving to be a pretty stellar new contender in the tech binding realm, and its born ‘n raised in BC! Their freeride ski series, the Empire line, just lost about a pound per model with the new Empire Carbon series. We ordered up an oh-so-sweet Doglotion edition of the Empire Carbon 115, so stay tuned for an entertaining and totally biased gear review. Haven’t had much time on the new poles yet, but there’s some pretty cool features that deserve some attention next fall.

Rather than the same old “blah blah blah, here’s what’s new” monologues you usually see after the show, we peppered G3 with stupid questions, and top it off with a cherry on top and some obnoxious ‘Much Music Pop Up Video’ comments. Enjoy. And don’t worry, more useful tech specs on all this gear will come soon enough.

Behold the new Empire Carbon 115 and 127 weighing in at 1.65 kg and 1.8 kg respectively (single ski, shortest length). Not as sexy as the hot pink and green Doglotion version, but cool nevertheless. More on those later this season.

DSC01816 DSC01820

The new Blacksheep Carbon and Blacksheep Carbon X3 splitboards. The new X3 is a pound lighter than it’s predecessor.



All new ski series, the Synapse series. Ultralight freeride touring. Comes in a 109 (right), 101 (left), and 92 (not shown). The 109 is only 1.38 kg! (per ski, 170cm). The 101 is 1.3 kg, and the 92 is 1.25 kg. Progressive tip rocker and a cool low-rise tail.



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