2 Selfish Ski Days From 2018 – Dave Treadway and Friends


Last winter I committed to living, traveling and skiing with my family, and not just skiing for myself.  Every day I was out in the mountains, we were together, playing as a family.

As skiers, we’re selfish, and chase after ‘our’ powder day or ‘our’ ski line.  It wasn’t until April 21 and 22 that I ditched my family, “got selfish” and had some fun with the boys camping out in the mountains.  Safe to say that only 2 days was ample for my Adrenalin fix for the year.

Snow Sliders: Joe Lax, Dave Basterchia, Reuben Krabbe and Dave Treadway.

Music: AFI – Miseria Cantare- The Beginning


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