Pow stash for days

GoPro: Telling Tales of Disappointment Since 2007.


GoPros: The little helmet cam that can. Unfortunately, all too often it is the little helmet cam that doesn’t. Not because the camera is incapable of delivering 1080 HD fish eye codecs, but because the user is an absolute idiot. Turn on, put on head, click button, ask friend if it’s on. Apparently, that last little step, that simple phrase that has been stigmatized in satirical videos for years, that safety net of confirmation from your most trustworthy ski buddies: “Is it on?” is the difference between the sickest video on the internet gaining you sponsors, unending adoration and chicks or the most awkward, disappointing collections of images that no one cares about.

If someone shreds pow and there is no GoPro to capture it, did it really happen?

Golden, BC

First run of the day was awesome… I swear.

Golden, BC

Best run of the day, I promise.

GoPro + Pow = disappointment

Just before I made a slash that would have looked soooo good in slow mo.

Golden, BC

This definitely would have gone well with a Red Bull produced song, if it were on film.


Is it on? No, it’s not. And you have no friends.


Narcissistic promotional video does not follow this.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

The best part about having your GoPro filming sequence backwards is you still get plenty of lame selfies.


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  1. Oli Butler

    Set it to take pictures every few seconds – there’s bound to be a great pic of a huck / powder slash / faceshot somewhere in there….

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