YETI Presents: Bruhwiler Country


The Canadian surf scene is just that:


A lot of the guys at the forefront of our scene are chainsaw-wielding, fish-catching woodsmen.

Raph Bruhwiler is no exception.

If the apocalypse happened to hit while he was in the tube, Raph would know exactly what to do once he got out of it.

Check the vid and you’ll see what I mean….


-From YETI

Few know the wilds and the waves of British Columbia like Canada’s first pro surfer, Raph Bruhwiler. Raised in the deep woods of Vancouver Island, Raph is using his deep understanding of the region to push the boundaries of surfing and inspiring a new generation to find adventures of their own.

Director: Keith Malloy
DP: Andrew Schoneberger
Cinematography: Erin Feinblatt, Ben Gulliver
Producer: Jennifer Sullivan McBride
Editor: Andrew Schoneberger
Music: Nick Coventry, Ryan Bingham, Greg Brown
Sound Design: Todd Hannigan


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