Winter, Winter, Are You Coming Back?


This just in, there’s a chance that, wait for it, winter might come back to the Pacific Northwest.

Wait, you don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. We’ve been falsely spreading optimism all winter with our sketchy forecast sharing. But this time we’ve got graphs. And no we didn’t bother to really read them, because I don’t need the facts. I just need hope. So dig in, absorb this potential return of awesomeness, and then go spread a little cold ‘n fluffy hope for your ski brethren.

Fox 12 Weather Blog is claiming we should finish up those dry weather house and garden projects we’ve all started, because cold wet weather is scheduled to hit us at the end of the month and into March. They’re even hinting and hoping that closed Washington ski resorts will soon re-emerge from the dead. Here’s the Cole’s Notes:

  • Mild and dry weather continues for about one more week across the Pacific Northwest
  • Wetter and cooler weather arrives the last couple of days of February…plan to finish dry weather projects by that time.
  • Ski areas may see their best snow conditions since Christmas NEXT weekend (Feb 28/Mar 1).  But nothing will change for this coming weekend; lots of thin spots down low still.
  • It’s possible some closed ski areas could open up again by the first full weekend of March

Here’s one of many graphs they provided with pretty colours. Read their full blog for more details.


Have any other optimistic links to share with us? Hit us in the comments. Dare to dream, right? Or just go alpine climbing, biking, rock climbing, or traversing, and enjoy it while the sun lasts. Or when all else fails, you can make your own faceshots with Chris’s ultra sketchy DIY job.



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