Whistler Is About to Get Nuked With 2+ Meters


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, let the forecast frothing and speculative weather stoke begin. Right now, SnowForecast is calling for 244 cm of mother f@#king snowfall over the next 5.5 days. I’m no mathematician, but I do know that’s taller than me, and could make for a pretty kick-ass boost to the season.


Now, before you all go quitting your jobs, there’s some disclaimers here.

First, we all know that is the best way to get you overly excited about potential snowfall. It’s like the site you go to when you want to get stoked, not when you want to find out what’s really going to happen. But still, even if they overshoot by 100%, we’re still in good hands here.

Second, that’s the high alpine forecast. Freezing levels have been a b!#$h over the past few years, so we’ll see what becomes of this storm. But nobody really cares what happens on the lower mountain anyway, so lets hope the alpine gets caked. End of story.

Snowbrains is all pumped up as well, and they’re checking a different forecast, so that’s good news.

Whistler Blackcomb‘s #s are looking a bit more legit, calling for just over a meter, but we’ll take that if push comes to shove. For now we’re going to keep dreaming of 2+ meters of overhead snow barrels. And of course the only way to find out what actually happens over the next 6 days is to go skiing, every day. And go…



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