WATCH – Whitehorn Mountain North Face, Possible First Descent


Around the same time that Dylan Cunningham was etching tracks down The north face of Mount Robson, a crew was just across the way making a historic descent of their own.

The party included  Ali Haeri, Andrew McNab and Matt Coté.

As far as they know, they’re the first ones to ski the north face of Mount Whitehorn.

It’s one of the the few peaks in the Canadian Rockies that towers over 11,000 feet. So, whether it’s a first descent or not, these guys had the right amount of foresight, luck and cajones to make it happen.

Here’s Jon Walsh’s take:

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Sunset on Mt. Whitehorn, one of the great unskied faces of the Rockies, taken in early may 2011. If you look closely, you can just make out the tracks left by @jason_kruk and I after our attempt to ski it. About halfway up, just before the big traverse left, the snow was too cold to stick to the ice and we were forced to ski it from there. Amazing turns none-the-less and an epic adventure. Not a bad plan b; plan a was climbing a multi-day route on the emperor face on neighboring Mt. Robson, but a last minute change in the forecast forced a change of plans for a one day objective. I hope this one gets done by somebody before the receding glacial ice causes it to fall apart. I wonder if it's starting to come into condition? #celebratewild #steepskiing #whitehorn

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Very cool.

The Robson group has been fending off all sorts of advances since Ptor Spricenieks and Troy Jungen skied the north face of Mount Robson in 1998.

And with glacial recession dramatically changing the landscape in that area, it took a nice, fat winter like this one to bring the big walls into acceptable ski condition.

Luckily there were some highly motivated ski mountaineers ready to pounce on the weather window, because they really got it done out there.

When it’s all-time in The Rockies like that, you gotta fire up those headlamps and get after it.


Check out the Robson trip report here.




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