Warren Miller 2016 Trailer – Here, There & Everywhere


I gotta admit, even Warren Miller films can feature some pretty a-class footage. And you have to hand it to them, they didn’t even bother pretending there is a story line to this ski porn flick, they just hyper-smashed 2 minutes of action together and put a song to it. Telling it how it is. Too bad the song kinda sucks for this purpose, but hey, it is Warren Miller after all.

But the real story here… it’s their mother f#&k’n 67th year of ski films! What! No wonder it’s hard to stand out from the pack these days, people have been making ski films for almost 7 decades.

Looking forward to another round of it this fall. I probably won’t watch this one, maybe you will. If you don’t, you’ll be one year older when you do 😉


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